Monday, August 31, 2009

TK's car blow'd up!?!? Also "Internet Tough Guy"

TK writes:
That’s right, kids. The famous HotDamnTV 77 Racer (Brad’s Garage, Beer Pong FAIL, Nominal Racer, and many more) may get blown up on national TV if we’re lucky. I entered it in the “Conan, Please Blow Up My Car” contest for the Tonight Show. Basically, Conan is looking for the worst car in America, and when he finds it he’s going to blow it up with explosives on the Tonight Show, and then give the owner a brand new Lexus! Here is my entry:


In unrelated news, some douchebag left some disrespectful comment about the Megan Fox on the site and the blog. Now, normally, I don’t care when people do this (because hey, you can’t please everyone), but this is one of those assholes who is too much of a pussy to say something IRL, but will knock you hard on the internet (see “internet tough guy“). Here is the comment and my response. :D

“I sat in the row in front of this guy. Security got him as he sat down and took him aside. They looked at his badge and said “this obviously isn’t your badge, who’s is it.” He said “It’s my mom’s badge.” Loser.”

My response (click to enlarge)

Here are his email addresses:

Feel free to send obscene pictures and put the email addresses on spam lists. :D


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